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The Deadpod

Mar 29, 2019

I decided to close out March with a really fun and energetic show from the Spring of 1989. This comes to us from March 31st, 1989 at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro North Carolina. While there are no extended jams in this week's first set, the playing throughout is exceptionally energetic and quite fun to listen to. Some of the highlights for me are the fine version of 'Peggy O', the spirited 'Me & My Uncle>Big River' and Loser. The set closing 'Standing on the Moon' had yet to develop into the blockbuster ballad it would become, but I still enjoy this rendition. I've always enjoyed the band during this period, as they were really cresting from 89 through 90.. I hope you enjoy this as well. 



Grateful Dead

Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro, NC

3/31/89 - Friday




Hell In A Bucket ;

Sugaree ;

New Minglewood Blues ;

Peggy-O ;

Me And My Uncle >

Big River ;

Loser ;

Victim Or The Crime ;

Standing On The Moon


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


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Be well and enjoy life :)