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The Deadpod

Mar 27, 2015

While I wouldn't say this second set was overshadowed by the first, it is one of the rare second sets that is shorter than its first set..the band however does not let up on the jamming as this second set is a true pleasure to relive. They come out of the box hot and fast with an excellent Eyes of the World, played in the uptempo fashion.. despite the furious pace there are plenty of beautiful Garcia licks sure to get you moving.  Eyes then moves into an unusual but interesting short space that leads into the fabulously funky 'Dancin' In the Streets'.. again here, Garcia and Lesh in particulary provide plenty of interesting leads and take their time exploring the beat. They transition nicely into the unmistakable entrance to 'Wharf Rat'. In contrast to the frenzied pace of Eyes, this Wharf Rat is quite languid, building the drama in the music along with the tragic story - always one of my favorites.. . the transition into Franklin's Tower is a bit abrupt but the standalong Franklin's is a rare treat. 

Garcia here is really playing his guitar like ringing a bell.. :) As with every song in this set they take their time and develop the melody - in this case almost 14 minutes of delightful playing. 
The close with a rockin', delightful, Sugar Magnolia... Then they return with, surprise (since it is Saturday - 'One More Saturday Night', but indicating I think how much fun they had, a double encore of a nice 'Uncle John's Band'.. man I can only imagine how happy the fans went home after this one! 
Grateful Dead
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (3/19/77)
set 2
Eyes of the World
Dancin' in the Streets
Wharf Rat
Franklin's Tower
Sugar Magnolia
One More Saturday Night
Uncle John's Band
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