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The Deadpod

Mar 21, 2014

I often wait until later in the Spring to pull out a show from 1977, but the anniversary this week of this run of shows moved me to pull this beauty out of the archives and select it for our next couple of Deadpods.. 

This show took place back on March 18th, 1977 at Winterland in San Francisco. The band is already jelling into the tight unit they're going to become later that spring, and you can hear the excitement in their playing and singing as they bring out new arrangements and new tunes for the first time.. This is a show that Blair Jackson has written about on as one of his most memorable experiences.. The band was not at all perfect (check out the mistakes during the still-new Mississippi Half-Step) but still reached the sublime (as evidence listen to the Sugaree).. This set features the first live performance of Fire on the Mountain and the transition from Scarlet into Fire is wonderful.. 


Next week we'll get to hear the wonderful second set.. 



Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (3/18/77)

Promised Land
Mississippi Half-Step
It's All Over Now
New Minglewood Blues
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:
Happy Spring!! 
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