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The Deadpod

Mar 18, 2016

This week I decided to bring you a relatively unknown but very nice sounding show from the spring of 1982. This is from the University of California at Davis on Sunday, March 17th, 1982. The boys come out and Bobby announces that they forgot something last night and they proceed to play 'One More Saturday Night' as the opener. A very nice Sugaree follows, then after an Uncle->Mexicali, a very solid 'Bird Song'. The band is tight here in the first set and I really enjoy the rocking energy of this period of 1982. Ramble On Rose, Althea, and a great Let It Grow are among the highlights of this excellent first set. 


Grateful Dead 

Recreation Hall - University of California 

Davis, CA  

3/14/82 - Sunday 



One More Saturday Night >

Sugaree ;

Me And My Uncle >

Mexicali Blues ;

Bird Song >

Little Red Rooster ;

Ramble On Rose ;

Looks Like Rain ;

Althea ;

Let It Grow  

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