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The Deadpod

Mar 16, 2018

This week we go back to the start of a legendary run that took place in the Spring of 1972, in New York City at the Academy of Music on March 21st.

Off and on there are a few sonic problems with the tape - Garcia's vocals are buried in the opening 'Bertha' and there is a hum here and there, but overall well worth a listen. Garcia is on fire throughout and while some of the songs are still being developed the band is clearly evolving toward the Europe 72 sound you are probably very familiar with. Love the 'Playing In The Band' one of the first versions with some really out there jamming after the first verses. 'Looks like Rain' features Garcia on slide guitar and Pigpen is fabulous throughout. 'Cumberland Blues' is simply explosive.




Grateful Dead

Academy of Music New York, NY

3/21/72 - Tuesday



Bertha ;

Black Throated Wind ;

Sugaree ;

Next Time You See Me ;

Greatest Story Ever Told ;

Loser ;

Mr. Charlie ;

Looks Like Rain ;

Tennessee Jed ;

Playing In The Band ;

You Win Again ;

Cumberland Blues ;

Chinatown Shuffle ;

El Paso ;

Good Lovin' >

Casey Jones


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