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The Deadpod

Mar 11, 2016

As you listen to this second set from March 9th, 1981 it won't take you long at all to realize that fans were treated to a special evening of music 35 years ago. The China Cat -> I Know You Rider is such a wonderful beginning to what is a special night of music. Even a casual listener will soon be captured by the wonderful jam into Rider here. The band doesn't let up either, as this is just the start of a great set of music. A snappy Samson follows here, with a great intro by the drummers and some nice keyboard work by Brent. Ship of Fools leads us into the heart of this set, the Estimated ->Uncle John's Band->Drums/space->Other One->Stella Blue. A classic combination, done most exquisitely. 

Treat yourself and get lost in this section of the show. They follow with a fine Good Lovin' and come back for a somewhat sloppy US Blues, but by then.. its all smiles. 



Grateful Dead

Madison Square Garden

New York , NY

3/9/81 - Monday


China Cat Sunflower [9:28] >

I Know You Rider [6:10] >

Samson And Delilah [6:55] ;

Ship Of Fools [8:10] ;

Estimated Prophet [14:10] >

Uncle John's Band [11:41] >

Drums >

Space [3:08] >

The Other One [7:43] >

Stella Blue [9:49] >

Good Lovin' [6:33]

Encore U.S. Blues


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


I hope you enjoy this week's Deadpod.. Many thanks to the kind folks whose contributions make the Deadpod possible. 


"Ain' No Time To Hate

Barely Time To Wait"



ps. on a technical note, I have changed the mp3 encoding to a variable bit rate with a slightly higher average bitrate. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties during playback. thank you!