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The Deadpod

Jan 28, 2022

This week the Deadpod continues with the second set from January 13, 1978 at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara California. This was a 'Stop Nuclear Power' benefit and as usual at these kind of events, I think the band was charged up for it and I think it shows in the energy of this great second set. 

They start off with a rousing 'Bertha' into 'Good Lovin'. Donna follows with a nice version of 'Sunrise' then they go into a long and interesting 'Dancin' In the Streets' highlighted with some dueling riffs by Jerry and Phil. The 'Drums' that follows is particularly intense and uptempo. Jerry then goes into a long 'Wharf Rat' which at the end builds to another peak as it leads into an unusual 'Truckin', then again to a very uptempo 'Around and Around' to finish the set. Another change of pace follows with a 'Sugar Magnolia' encore. 

Grateful Dead
Arlington Theatre
Santa Barbara, CA 1/13/78 - Friday    


Bertha [6:35] >
Good Lovin' [5:51] ;
Sunrise [7:21];
Dancing In The Street [16:58] >
Drums [3:56] >
Jam [13:51] >
Wharf Rat [12:02?] >
Truckin' [9:23] >
Around And Around [8:23]


Sugar Magnolia [9:47] 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

Hope you are all well as we 'wave to the wind' and leave January behind!