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The Deadpod

Dec 22, 2017

Our annual Christmas Deadpod features a very entertaining acoustic show from the summer of 1970. While it is true that the mandolin and the guitars are higher in the mix than optimal, I am of the opinion that the quality of the recording, and the originality of the set list, make this a worthwhile pastime on a cold winter's day. I do hope you agree. 


I wish for all of you peace and happiness and hope that this holiday weekend finds you with the people you love, for that is the greatest of all gifts. 




Grateful Dead

Golden Hall - San Diego Community Concourse

San Diego, CA

8/5/70 - Wednesday

One - 31:06


Candyman [6:46]%[0:17] ;

El Paso [5:44]%[0:10] ;

Rosalie McFall [3:34]%[0:06] ;

Tell It To Me [2:25];[0:15] ;

Drink Up And Go Home [2:44]%[0:26] ;

A Voice From On High [2:57]%[0:08] ;

Cold Jordan [2:26] >

Swing Low Sweet Chariot [3:02] [0:08]

Two - 31:34


Deep Elem Blues [5:35]%[0:04] ;

Dark Hollow [3:18]%[0:05] ;

Friend Of The Devil [3:55]%[0:05] ;

Mama Tried [2:52]%[0:04] ;

To Lay Me Down [6:18];[0:15] ;

Dire Wolf [3:15];[0:14 intro] ;

The Ballad Of Casey Jones [5:03];[0:06]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:



thank you for your kindness and for listening to the Deadpod!