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The Deadpod

Dec 11, 2015

As we head into the home stretch on 2015, I've decided to bring you another one of my favorites from 1980... this show took place at the University of Florida, Alligator Alley, on November 29th, 1980. This is a day after the show included on '30 Trips Around the Sun' and a day before the show immortalized on Dick's Picks' 8, Atlanta , 11/30/80. The boys were definitely on a roll and I hope you'll enjoy this fine audience recording of this performance this week and set 2 next week. 

Being 1980 they roll out with a rocking Alabama Getaway into Promised Land. A wonderful Candyman follows, then Bobby takes over for a New, NEW Minglewood Blues, followed by a nice, lazy Row Jimmy. Mama Tried into Mexicali follows but then we have an excellent Althea. Sailor ->Saint leads us into the set closing Don't Ease Me In.. 


Grateful Dead

Alligator Alley Gym - University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

11/29/80 - Saturday


Alabama Getaway [4:30] >

The Promised Land [3:58] ;

Candyman [7:18] ;

New Minglewood Blues [7:02] ;

Row Jimmy [11:00] ;

Mama Tried [2:30] >

Mexicali Blues [4:36] ;

Althea [8:14] ;

Lost Sailor [6:30] >

Saint Of Circumstance [6:38] >

Don't Ease Me In [3:46]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:



I do want to thank the kind friends who have donated to the Deadpod and who are my partners in bringing this music to you. Thank you so much!!! 


Remember to keep that LoveLight on and Be Kind :)