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The Deadpod

Nov 7, 2014

One of the joys of producing the Deadpod comes from the many fine folks I've met, even if only through the medium of the internet, since I started to publish these shows. This week's show comes from a suggestion from one of those old friends, and it is an excellent suggestion.. This show comes to us from DeKalb Illinois and was performed during the Fall tour of 1977, on 10/29/77. The show begins with an unusual but rocking 'Might As Well'.  A nice version of Jack Straw is followed by the appearance of the Dire Wolf, oftentimes a harbinger for me of a great night. After a well played Looks Like Rain, Jerry delivers a wonderful Loser. El Paso and Ramble on Rose follows. Then Minglewood and Must've Been The Roses lead into a spectacular version of Let It Grow. We simply have to take Phil on his word in the introduction to this gem...


Field House (Northern Illinois U), De Kalb, IL (10/29/77)

Might As Well
Jack Straw
Dire Wolf
Looks Like Rain
El Paso
Ramble on Rose
New Minglewood Blues
It Must Have Been the Roses
Let it Grow
You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:
As the chill of the impending Winter begins to make itself known here, I hope this fine music keeps your spirit high. Thanks to all of you who make the Deadpod what it is, I so appreciate your support.