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The Deadpod

Nov 3, 2023

For this week's Deadpod we go back to 1969 for a show at the Fillmore in San Francisco that took place on November 7, 1969. 

I'm going to play this music in two parts, although it is unclear whether there were really one set or two.. part one opens with a powerful 'Morning Dew' - Jerry really brings it at the end of this one! 

Pigpen follows with a classic 'Hard To Handle' - so great to listen to the Pig bring it on this one! 'Casey Jones' follows then a couple of Bobby's ditty's 'Mama Tried' and 'Me & My Uncle' - they all sound great on this early soundboard! There follows some general hilarity with someone in the audience playing the 'Star Spangled Banner' on a flute and several short tunings.. following a nice 'Cold Rain and Snow' we are treated to dual harmonies from Garcia and Pigpen on 'Next Time You See Me'. They slow it down a bit on a soulful 'High Time' before we close this first part with some classic Pigpen on 'Good Lovin'. 


Grateful Dead
Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco, CA 11/7/1969 - Friday

Part One

Morning Dew
Hard To Handle
Casey Jones
Mama Tried
Me & My Uncle
Tuning (Multiple Ditties)
Cold Rain & Snow
Next Time You See Me
High Time
Good Lovin'


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 


"Tomorrow come trouble, tomorrow come pain,
Now don't think too hard Baby, 'cause I know what I'm saying."