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The Deadpod

Nov 28, 2014

Our day after Thanksgiving Deadpod takes us way back to a famous date in Grateful Dead history - January 31st, 1970 - the day the band was 'set up like a bowling pin' down in New Orleans. Yes the boys were arrested earlier this day but played that same night the set that we are going to listen to this week. This show is quite odd, in that the first set is electric, the second is acoustic - mainly due to Phil blowing his amp at the end of set 1. This gives me a chance to present some great acoustic Dead - mainly Bob and Jerry but Pigpen puts in a *fabulous* Katie Mae. I know there are many of you out there you enjoy the acoustic sets around the holiday and I simply felt the first set was worth including here as it is quite interesting as well.

The acoustic second set was of course soon after incorporated as the first set in the band's famous concerts in May of 1970...


Grateful Dead

The Warehouse New Orleans, LA 1/31/70 - Saturday


One - 48:02

Intro [0:17] ;

Cold Rain And Snow [5:30];

Mama Tried [2:41];

Dire Wolf [3:56];

Big Boss Man [4:47];

Morning Dew [10:09];

Mason's Children [6:#08];

Me And My Uncle [3:13];

Hard To Handle [6:31];


Two - 22:23

Tuning [0:30] ;

Long Black Limousine [4:55];

Seasons Of My Heart [4:48];

Sawmill [2:51];

Bound In Memories (Old, Old House) [3:39];

The Race Is On [2:55];


Three - 35:25

Black Peter [7:13] >

Little Sadie [3:24] >

I've Been All Aroundnd This World [3:03];

Katie Mae [4:23];

Cumberland Blues [3:28];


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:



When I count my blessings I do not forget to include all of you - for showing me the love that keeps the Deadpod on the air.


Thank you.


I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend.