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The Deadpod

Nov 16, 2018

As we roll into Thanksgiving week, here is an outstanding first set from a great tour that took place during the Fall of 1971. This is from November 14th, 1971 at Fort Worth Texas.

Part of this show was released as a (now out of print) Road Trips, but the entire show is a treasure and features a young band full of energy and fire. They open with a fine 'Bertha' with Keith's piano leading the way.. they follow with a 25-beat 'Beat It On Down the Line', but Billy stops at 24 so they reset with Garcia calling for '3' crackles. 'China Cat' follows with some wonderful soaring Garcia leads. the train starts rollin' in the fine transition into 'I Know You Rider' and I can just imagine the dancing! Don't overlook the fine 'El Paso' that follows, it has some beautiful Garcia throughout.. I won't try and describe each of these standards - some were new at the time others not, but this is a great recording of a period when the band was transitioning from its earlier more 'primal' sound to a bit slower tempo, '72 pace.



Grateful Dead

Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX

11/14/71 - Sunday


Bertha [5:54]

Beat It On Down The Line [3:00]

China Cat Sunflower [5:24] >

I Know You Rider [5:18]

El Paso [4:34] >

Sugaree [6:27]

Jack Straw [4:52]

Big Railroad Blues [3:20]

Me And Bobby McGee [5:31]

Loser [6:24]

Playing In The Band [5:59]

Tennessee Jed [6:47]

You Win Again [2:17]

Mexicali Blues [3:18]

Casey Jones [5:25]

One More Saturday Night [4:30]


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I hope you all have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving! Be sure and look on Thanksgiving morning for a special Deadpod coming your way a day early next week.


Thank you as always for your support and for listening to the Deadpod!