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The Deadpod

Oct 9, 2015

It is only fitting that we go back to the famous 'acoustic' shows of 1980 for this week's Deadpod. This was a request from one of my wonderful listeners for a show that not only features the famous acoustic first set, but outstanding electric sets 2 and 3. The first set is a treat for everyone who enjoys the acoustic Dead, and while I do like to feature this genre around the holidays, the arrival of Fall is reason enough to revisit this wonderful music. Since the acoustic set was not quite as long as I prefer for a Deadpod, I've also included the first part of the electric set 2, including a fine Mississippi Half-Step ->Franklin's Tower.. 

I know I've featured a number of sets from 1980 this year, and I hope you enjoy this one just as much as those others.. 



Grateful Dead

Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA 10/10/80 - Friday


On The Road Again [2:43] ;

It Must Have Been The Roses [5:33] ;

Monkey And The Engineer [2:32] ;

Jack-A-Roe [4:04] ;

Dark Hollow [3:30] ;

To Lay Me Down [8:38] ;

Heaven Help The Fool [6:02] ;

Bird Song [8:00] ;

Ripple [2:25#]


Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [7:31] >

Franklin's Tower [8:29] ;

Me And My Uncle [3:00] >

Big River [5:22] ;

Candyman [7:01] ;


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


Thanks for supporting the Deadpod my friends! I couldn't do it without you.. 

Remember to let me know your requests.. 

and always always try to Be Kind!