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The Deadpod

Oct 26, 2018

This week's Deadpod contains a great recording of a 'partial' second set from the band's visit to Bloomington Minnesota on October 23rd, 1973. This recording starts with an excellent version of  'Truckin', punctuated with some unusual organ effects from Keith, going into an amazing crescendo, then into a nice bluesy 'Nobody's Fault' jam... the 'throwback' organ is reminiscent of earlier, primal versions of the band.  It's so easy to lose oneself in the arabesque jam leading up to Phil's familiar entrance to the 'Other One'. After it dissolves into Drums, a wonderful jam leads into the 'Weather Report Suite', delicate and beautiful, perhaps my highlight of the set. The band closes with the classic 'Sugar Magnolia. 


As for the encores: 

"The band stops playing Casey Jones at 2:03 into the song as a fight breaks out in front of the stage. Phil is notably outraged at what is happening and the disturbance goes on for at least another two and a half minutes at which point the band plays One More Saturday Night.

For this reason, it is highly unlikely that either song is an "Encore"



The soundcheck - is much debated.. identified as Keith trying to get the hall's Wurlitzer organ to cooperate for the show, its an interesting bluesy jam.. 



Grateful Dead  

October 23, 1973

Metropolitan Sports Center 

Bloomington, MN


--Set 2--

Truckin' ->

Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam ->

The Other One ->

Drums ->

Jam ->

Weather Report Suite

Sugar Magnolia



Casey Jones

One More Saturday Night



Wang Dang Doodle


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


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Happy Halloween!