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The Deadpod

Oct 2, 2015

This week's Deadpod takes us back to the second set of the Grateful Dead's performance at Madison Square Garden on Thursday September 20th, 1990. Not only is the crowd fired up by a great first set, but it quickly apparent that the boys are not about to phone in this set, as it turns into one of the strongest performances of the 90s. They come out of the gate with a strong rockin' Truckin'.. then move into a wonderful China Cat->I Know You Rider.. while Garcia's voice my be a bit scruffy, his leads are bright and glistening.. and when he leads the boys into Rider and wants to be that headlight he practically brings down the house. I may wish that Vince was a little lower, and Bruce a little higher in the mix.. but that doesn't for me detract from the joy of this one.. a bouncy and fun Man Smart, Woman Smarter leads us into.. a nice extended Drums->Space.. a perfectly played sequeway into one of the best, and longest, Dark Stars of the modern Dead era. This is a real treat, and clearly the highlight of the set, if not the run. I love Jerry's interplay with Hornsby here.. It takes us six minutes before that Star crashes... and Jerry's voice  has the perfect dream like quality here.. we all want to go to that transitive nightfall .. we follow as Jerry takes us to a Playin' reprise.. but lucky for us they do not escape the pull of that Dark Star.. and we are led back.. and after the second verse to weird and special places.. entirely fitting for a dark fall evening.... the band then finishes the set with a fine Throwin' Stones and a fun Touch of Grey.. after all that they could have been excused if they did a throw away encore but on this night that wasn't to be.. they end with a rockin' Lovelight.. what a great evening it must have been to be there! 


Grateful Dead

Madison Square Garden New York , NY 9/20/90 - Thursday



Truckin' >

China Cat Sunflower >

I Know You Rider >

Man Smart, Woman Smarter >

Drums >

Space >

Dark Star >

Playing Reprise >

Dark Star >

Throwing Stones >

Touch Of Grey

Encore Turn On Your Love Light


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