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The Deadpod

Jul 26, 2013

This week's Deadpod features some really unique music from the summer of 1976.. this one comes from the famous run at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, from July 16th, 1976.. We only have the 2nd set of this show in soundboard quality so that is what I'm going to present.. I think you'll agree that this is a fine example of the more exploratory side of the band that was unfolding after the hiatus of '75 and before the signature sound of 1977.. The entire run is quite worth exploring, and many would argue that the next night, with its magnificent 'Comes A Time' would be a better choice, but we'll keep that in our pocket for a future Deadpod.. This second set has some really unique music, I'm very fond of the Playin'>Jam>Cosmic Charlie.. wowza! and what a set list... not only does Samson follow that, but another great 'Spanish' Jam.. then the Playin' reprise following the Wheel.. just when you think the surprises are surely over.. we get a GREAT 'High Time'.. some folks don't care for this more jazzy or improvisational side of the band, but after its been a bit since I've heard any I am refreshed when I hear it.. I hope you find it so as well.. 

Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA (7/16/76)

set 2

Playin' in the Band-> Stronger Than Dirt jam-> Cosmic Charlie-> Samson and Delilah->
Spanish Jam-> drums-> The Wheel-> Jam-> Playin' in the Band reprise-> Around and Around High Time Sugar Magnolia E: U.S. Blues 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

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