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The Deadpod

Jul 13, 2012

This week I decided to play a show that I have some fond memories of - July 6th, 1990 at Cardinal Stadium in Louisville KY. I have vivid memories of the trip to this show (following the blistering 4th of July show in Kansas) as well as walking through this group of fundamentalists on my way to the venue (they were all carrying brooms and Bibles to sweep out Satan I guess).. the weather was HOT and they cut off beer sales right when the boys went on stage.. but still a great night of music.. The first set has a wonderful Sugaree .. although really all of these 1st set songs are well played.. Its just a fine show from a great tour - the Summer of 1990.

Grateful Dead 
Date:  7/6/90 - Friday 
Location:  Cardinal Stadium - Louisville, KY 

Set One:
Hell In A Bucket > 
Sugaree ; 
Easy To Love You ; 
Peggy-O ; 
Desolation Row ; 
West L.A. Fadeaway ; 
Picasso Moon ; 
Ramble On Rose ; 
The Music Never Stopped

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