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The Deadpod

Jun 21, 2013

The second set from Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford NJ, on June 17th, 1991 was one of the best played sets of that year. I think you'll agree that the Saint of Circumstance through Drums the band is tightly wound and playing and listening well to each other. Hornsby continues to scatter the Dark Star theme throughout the set, culminating in a flatout Dark Star Jam after Ship of Fools, (the first since June of 1974!).. The Truckin' that follows is very uptempo and moving and goes into perhaps one of the best 'New Speedway Boogies' you'll find in any performance. This leads into a Uncle John's Band.. full and well played, but he band goes back for more exploration.. into a very nice jam with an Other One tease, then back into the Dark Star Theme again... here pay particular attention to the nuances of Garcia's playing.. the boys are definitely in a fabulous place as they move slowly into Drums and Space... The China Doll that follows is just about perfect.. The boys move into a nice Playin' In the Band and an always uptempo 'Sugar Magnolia' to close the set.. The encore of  'The Weight' brings it all back home and I can't imagine leaving this show unhappy.... 

Grateful Dead
6/17/91 Giants Stadium E. Rutherford NJ

set 2:
Tuning Jam ->
Saint Of Circumstance -> 
Ship Of Fools -> 
Dark Star Jam -> 
Truckin' -> 
New Speedway Boogie -> 
Uncle John's Band -> 
Dark Star Jam ->
Drums ->
Space ->
China Doll ->
Playing In The Band ->
Sugar Magnolia

The Weight 

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