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The Deadpod

May 3, 2013

Oh the glorious month of May! I'm sure its one of everyone's favorite times of the year, and of course one of the great traditions in the first weekend of May is the Kentucky Derby.. this week's Deadpod features a show that paid tribute, as the band often did, to that grand event, by playing the late George Jones' "The Race Is On".. and a fine version it is .. I really felt I needed to play it this year especially in light of the recent passing of George Jones, a true country treasure. This show however is far from a one-trick pony... it features a first set  "Help->Slip->Franklin's' A fine Loser, and even a Loose Lucy! I think the One More Saturday Night that closes set one is a treat too, and a chance for me to send out my wishes to Bobby for a very speedy recovery.. 

I'm hoping you have a fine Spring weekend - (no snow!) and that you enjoy this week's Deadpod as much as I do.. 

Cal State Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA (5/5/90)

Good Time Blues

The Race is On

Help on the Way


Franklin's Tower

Queen Jane Approximately


Me and My Uncle

Mexicali Blues

Loose Lucy

One More Saturday Night

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