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The Deadpod

Apr 8, 2016


This week's Deadpod features a fine second set from the April Fools' show of 1980..

I particularly enjoyed the China->Rider and Estimated->He's Gone.. Listen for the delightful keyboard work Brent gives us between The Other One and Drums :) A Shakedown encore is always fun too!! The ol' Professor is suffering through a nasty cold this week so I'm keeping this short, but this is a fine second set that I hope you enjoy...



Grateful Dead

Capitol Theatre

Passaic, NJ

4/1/80 - Tuesday



Feel Like A Stranger [8:43] ;

China Cat Sunflower [4:51] >

I Know You Rider [7:00] ;

Estimated Prophet [12:26] >

He's Gone [13:#28] >

The Other One [7:19] >

Jam (2) [1:25] >

Drums [2:35#] >

Space [#1:#47] >

Stella Blue[9:08] >

Around And Around [7:15]


Shakedown Street [9:57]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


thank you so much to my kind listeners' whose contributions make the Deadpod possible!!