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The Deadpod

Mar 14, 2014

March of 1969 was a seriously good month for the young Grateful Dead. The classic run at the Fillmore which opened the month showed us exactly how on fire these guys were at the time. I came across this little gem and was reminded of the energy and power of those days and thought I'd share it with you this week.

This set starts out with the very first 'Hard To Handle' and while Pig isn't at his best here I still find it quite fascinating to hear, knowing what the song would become. Following is a nice Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and the Dark Star->St. Stephen->The Eleven triad that was emblematic of this 'Live Dead' period of their history. The set closes with a good-old long Lovelight that should be sure to get your juices flowing!

Grateful Dead

Hilton Hotel

San Francisco, CA

3/15/69 - Saturday

Hard To Handle

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

Dark Star  >

Saint Stephen >

The Eleven >

Turn On Your Love Light

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