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The Deadpod

Aug 29, 2008

This week, the conclusion of their powerful set from 7/31/74. What a time to be a Deadhead! This show featured 3 powerful sets - this week we'll listen to the end of set 2, and all of set 3.. There's plenty of wonderful jamming and singing on these songs - I especially love the 'Ramble on Rose' and 'To Lay Me Down' - and be sure to listen to the 'Mind Left Body jam' after 'Truckin' - great stuff!!

Grateful Dead Dillon Stadium Hartford, CT 7/31/74 - Wednesday
Ship Of Fools [5:58] ; Weather Report Suite Prelude [1:18] > Weather Report Suite Part 1 [4:16] > Let It Grow [11:11]
Three El Paso [4:04] ; Ramble On Rose [6:04] ; Greatest Story Ever Told [5:39]; To Lay Me Down [7:34] ; Truckin' [17:04] > Mind Left Body Jam [7:22] > Spanish Jam [5:27] > Wharf Rat [9:38] ; U.S. Blues [5:15] ; One More Saturday Night
Encore Uncle John's Band

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend and see you back here next week!!