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The Deadpod

Jul 28, 2008

This week we're fortunate to have another of the 'From Egypt with Love' show recordings to share with you - this one is from 10/20/78 and has to rank as one of the best shows of that great year. This week we'll hear the first set - its really a rockin'/jammin' show and I know you'll enjoy 'They Love Each Other' and 'Tennessee Jed' among other treats:

Grateful Dead Winterland Arena San Francisco, CA 10/20/78 - Friday
One New Minglewood Blues [5:05] ; They Love Each Other [6:52] ; Cassidy [5:19] ; Dire Wolf [3:51] ; El Paso [4:21] ; Tennessee Jed [8:39] ; It's All Over Now [6:58] ; Loser [7:12] ; Lazy Lightnin' [3:33] > Supplication [4:33]

Next week I'll bring you the second set..
You can listen to the Deadpod here:

Hope you are well and having a great weekend!