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The Deadpod

Dec 11, 2009

This week I'm doing something I don't usually do - and that is rather than play this complete show over two weeks I decided to play you the real heart of this show this week - (not saying I can't be persuaded to play the rest of this... :) partly because its Thanksgiving and I have something in mind for next week :)
Be that as it may - this piece of music, from the second set of 11/17/73 is simply astounding. It represents a true pinacle of the outstanding musicianship that the band achieved during this landmark year. I challange any fan of the band to not be moved by this remarkable piece of music - clearly when they play like this I am firmly convinced that their music is for the ages...

Grateful Dead
Pauley Pavillion, U.C.L.A.
Los Angeles, CA

From Set 2:
Playing In The Band >
Uncle John's Band >
Morning Dew >
Uncle John's Band >
Playing In The Band
Stella Blue
El Paso
Eyes Of The World >
Sugar Magnolia

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Our next Deadpod will be after Thanksgiving - so I want to wish you all a very very special and happy Thanksgiving. I'm so very grateful for your support and all the kind words and wishes you send me all year long!!!
I'll have a special Thanksgiving Deadpod for you next week...