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The Deadpod

Apr 9, 2021

This week we have the first set of a legendary show from April 18, 1982 in Hartford CT.

Those of you familiar with either the history of the Grateful Dead or of San Francisco know that April 18, 1906 was the date of the great San Francisco Earthquake, and this show is famous for its legendary 'Earthquake Space'. Since I prefer presenting complete shows, and since this first set is quite good on its own merits, we'll hear it this week, and the second set, complete with the 'earthquake space' next.

This one starts with a rocking 'Bertha' into 'Promised Land'. A pretty 'Friend of the Devil' leads into a rather mellow 'CC Rider'. 'Ramble on Rose' is notable for how great Jerry's voice sounds. After the cowboy polka, 'Althea' is a favorite of mine. 'Big Railroad Blues' has Brent really hitting the mark, I think you'll enjoy it, and the 'Let It Grow' is probably the highlight of this set.


Grateful Dead
Hartford Civic Center
Hartford, CT
4/18/82 - Sunday


Bertha >
The Promised Land ;
Friend Of The Devil >
C C Rider ;
Ramble On Rose ;
Me And My Uncle >
Mexicali Blues ;
Althea >
Looks Like Rain ;
Big Railroad Blues ;
Let It Grow

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: