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The Deadpod

Sep 9, 2016

I struggled a bit deciding what to play this week - I was pulled this way and that but finally settled on an overlooked gem of a show from the Fall tour of 1971. This was Keith Godchaux's first tour with the band, and Pigpen is not with them on this night due to his declining health. This show was the second of two (and the fourth show in four nights) which took place in Detroit Michigan on October 24th, 1971 at the Easttown Theater. I think you'll find every one of these numbers to be a real treat. Highlights for me include a great China>Rider (listen for Phil on this one!), and a beautiful Black Peter. The band's sound is clearly growing - transitioning into what they will sound like in 1972.  Set 2, on tap for next week, includes a wonderful Dark Star..


Grateful Dead

Easttown Theatre Detroit, MI

10/24/71 - Sunday



Sugar Magnolia [5:46] ;

Deal [5:11] ;

El Paso [4:36] ;

Tennessee Jed [6:06] ;

Jack Straw [4:54] ;

China Cat Sunflower [5:08] >

I Know You Rider [5:15] ;

Playing In The Band [6:11] ;

Black Peter [8:33] ;

Candyman [#6:11] ;

One More Saturday Night [4:14] ;

Casey Jones [5:50]


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