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The Deadpod

Sep 27, 2019

This week we mourn the passing of the great Robert Hunter. The Grateful Dead would not have been what they were and are without his voice, his words and his wisdom. Sleep in the stars, Robert.


In his honor I present this wonderful set from September 28th, 1977 at the Paramount Theater in Seattle Washington. Although the first five songs are missing from this Betty Cantor-Jackson soundboard the remainder of the show sparkles and crackles with the unique energy that the band brought to their craft during this year. 


I've added a Robert Hunter song from a performance of his back in 1980 in New York. I hope you enjoy it.


Grateful Dead

Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA

9/28/77 - Wednesday


Tennessee Jed [8:46] ;
Passenger [3:34] ;
Peggy-O [7:48] ;
Me And My Uncle [2:44] ;
Friend Of The Devil [7:02] ;
The Music Never Stopped [6:36]
Bertha [6:56] >
Good Lovin' [5:12] ;
Dire Wolf [3:49] ;
Estimated Prophet [9:18] >
Eyes Of The World [12:22] >
Drums [4:39] >
Not Fade Away [14:41] >
Wharf Rat [10:50] >
Around And Around [7:28]
U.S. Blues [5:49]  


Robert Hunter


The Other End, NYC



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