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The Deadpod

Sep 16, 2016

This week's Deadpod features set 2 from the Dead's performance at the Easttown Theater in Detroit Michgan back on October 24th, 1971. A fine recording, this set starts with a nice Truckin', especially enjoyable is the jam just before the last verse. What sounds odd here is that the song simply stops... They take up 'Ramble On Rose'. It being  only the 5th time they had played the song, the phrasing and even some of the lyrics are still being developed.. It is quite interesting to hear. Mexicali Blues follows (following an unusually loquacious introduction), this is a pleasure for me to hear. The Dark Star follows, and what is interesting to me, aside from the inherent originality of the jamming, is how the piece shows its development here from its earlier, more primal performances, towards where it will develop during the European tour to follow next year. As was their wont during this time, 'Me & Bobby McGee' follows, perhaps not the smoothest version ever, but still enjoyable. The old 'yellow dog' story gets pulled out afterwards..before we're treated to a 'Cumberland Blues' and one of the final 'St. Stephen's played until the band brought it back in 1976. Johnny B. Goode once again ends a fine performance..


Grateful Dead

Easttown Theatre Detroit, MI

10/24/71 - Sunday




Truckin' [8:24] ;

Ramble On Rose [6:10] ;

Mexicali Blues [3:26] ;

Dark Star [20:47] >

Me And Bobby McGee [5:29] ;

Cumberland Blues [4:58] ;

Saint Stephen [5:37] >

Johnny B. Goode [3:46]


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