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The Deadpod

Sep 15, 2023

A massive second set of classic Grateful Dead for your listening pleasure this week on the Deadpod. We present the second set from September 9, 1972 at the Hollywood Palladium. 

There is a whole lot of beautiful music here, starting with a fine China>Rider with a great transition. The 'Friend of the Devil' is nicely done, and its nice to hear the faster original tempo. I also welcome hearing the fine contribution here and thorughout from Keith whose keyboards meld so well.

The first of many melting moments happens in the fine 'He's Gone' into 'Truckin' transition. while there is a cut here this is an wonderful version. What is completely off the hook though is 'The Other One'. This is about a 34 minute excursion into the far reaches of space, with Lesh and Garcia leading the way to previously unknown plateaus.  I think you'll love this.. and it goes into a very sweet 'Stella Blue'. 

Be sure and check out the announcements after the 'Stars and Stripes Forever' for a good laugh... 



Grateful Dead
Hollywood Palladium
Hollywood, CA
9/9/1972 - Saturday

China Cat Sunflower [7:57] >
I Know You Rider [5:23]
Friend Of The Devil [3:58]
Jack Straw [4:41]
He's Gone [11:18] >
Truckin' [14:#17] >
Drums [2:#43] >
The Other One [35:06]
Stella Blue [6:28#]
El Paso [4:40]
Casey Jones [6:40]
Sugar Magnolia [8:09]

One More Saturday Night

Stars and Strips Forever 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

my thanks for listening and your kind support.