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The Deadpod

Sep 13, 2019

Never miss a Sunday show! Especially on Friday the 13th :)

This week I'm stepping a bit out of my comfort zone to bring you a pretty wonderful show from September 26th, 1993 at the old Boston Garden in Boston MA.

This show starts with a fine 'Jack Straw' then Jerry goes right into an excellent version of 'Althea'. In fact I even find the 'Walkin' Blues' here to be above average..

'High Time' is quite well done, with some nice contributions from Vince and Phil. 'Maggie's Farm' is quite fun with each member taking their turn with the verses. 'Lazy River Road' is one of those latter day anthems that kind of mark where Garcia was at the time. I enjoy listening to it sometimes.  'Easy Answers' was and always will be a puzzlement to me, but they close with a fine rockin'  'Don't Ease Me In'





Grateful Dead

Boston Garden Boston, MA

9/26/93 - Sunday    


Jack Straw ;

Althea ;

Walkin' Blues ;

High Time ;

Me And My Uncle (1) >

Maggie's Farm (1) ;

Lazy River Road ;

Easy Answers >

Don't Ease Me In


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


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