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The Deadpod

Sep 11, 2015

A request from one of my supporters, as well as the fact that this past week marked Pigpen's 70th birthday inspired this week's Deadpod selection from the Berkeley Community Theater on August 14th, 1971. This is a great tape that showcases the early versions of many classics like 'Sugaree' and 'Playin' In the Band' as well as some outstanding Pigpen performances. Highlights include the opening 'Bertha', 'El Paso' played nice and slowly, 'Big Railroad Blues' (a personal favorite), and of course Pigpen on 'Big Boss Man' and 'Hard To Handle'. I'm always a fan of this period of the Dead's history and of course it helps that there are such great sounding tapes that we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy. 


Grateful Dead

Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley, CA

8/14/71 - Saturday



Bertha [5:43] ;

Me And My Uncle [3:09] ;

Mr. Charlie [3:13] ;

Sugaree [6:08] ;

El Paso [5:03] ;

Big Railroad Blues [3:26] ;

Big Boss Man [4:58] ;

Brokedown Palace [5:20] ;

Playing In The Band [4:28] ;

Hard To Handle [7:16] ;

Cumberland Blues [5:29] ;

Loser [6:31] ;

The Promised Land [2:53]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


My sincere thanks to all of you whose support helps to keep the Deadpod alive... 


Be kind.