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The Deadpod

Aug 26, 2016

This week's Deadpod, a request from a supporter of the show, comes to us from Long Beach CA, on August 28th, 1981. They open with "Jack Straw" (the beginning here is patched from an audience source).. and Bob does the 'we used to play for silver now we play for Clive" line.. but still a solid effort as is most of the first set. I'm particulary fond of the Big River, Althea and the closing 'Let It Grow'->China ->Rider which is an unusual first set ending. 


 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA (8/28/81)  Jack Straw They Love Each Other Me and My Uncle Big River Althea Little Red Rooster Brown Eyed Women Let it Grow China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider  
You can listen to this week'd Deadpod here:
Thank you to my kind friends whose contributions keep the Deadpod afloat!
next stop... Labor Day!