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The Deadpod

Aug 15, 2014

"Summer flies and August dies

the world grows dark and mean"


I had a request for something from Alpine Valley, and it seemed to me that this show fit best right now, this is the last show that the band ever played at that storied venue, July 19th, 1989. Surely not the best show of the year, or even of that monstrous Summer Tour, but a show that displayed the band as it was at the end of an era of sorts. A very good show in which we see the band playing as a pretty well oiled machine.. The set starts with the always fun Hell In A Bucket, but that goes nicely into a fine Sugaree, where Jerry has a particularly  refreshing jam. The Mama Tried ->Mexicalli Blues are well played with much energy, but Althea is of course a highlight of the set at least for Jerry's vocals. I was never a huge fan of hearing the Victim or the Crime, but it certainly has its place in the band's repertoire at this point in their career. West L.A. Fadeaway follows, then a very good Desolation Row where Weir does I think a very nice job despite turning around the order of the verses. The Deal that follows is as usual during '89, very nicely jammed out. 


Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy WI (7/19/89)

Hell in a Bucket
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Victim or the Crime
West L.A. Fadeaway
Desolation Row
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Heartfelt best wishes go out to Bobby Weir,  feel better soon Ace.. 
and of course to the family of Robin Williams..