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The Deadpod

Jul 27, 2018

The laid back rhythms of '76 make for a perfect compliment to the hot weather as we explore a wonderful show from June 11th, 1976 at the Boston Music Hall in Boston MA. A very clean recording and sweet solos by Garcia highlight this set. 

Love the pace of this Tennessee Jed.. Big River will definitely get you up after a sweet and sleepy Candyman.. you'll feel the power building in the Scarlet as the music sweeps you away. A pretty and soulful 'Looks Like Rain' follows. Garcia continues to create more beauty with his solos in the following 'Must Have Been the Roses'.  I really enjoyed the 'Supplication' that follows.. 



Grateful Dead

Boston Music Hall

Boston, MA 6/11/76 - Friday


Might As Well [5:06] ;

Mama Tried [2:42];[1:39] ;

Tennessee Jed [8:03];[2:19] ;

Cassidy [4:16];[1:51] ;

Candyman [7:31];[1:50] ;

Big River [5:16] %

Scarlet Begonias [9#:39] >

Looks Like Rain [7:46] 

It Must Have Been The Roses [6:24];[1:37] ;

Lazy Lightnin' [2:58] >

Supplication [4:19] 

Brown Eyed Women [4:46];[1:52] ;

The Promised Land [2:#58]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


A thank you and happy birthday wishes to Steve who requested this show.. and who has assisted with many inspired requests.. 


A big thank you to the kind friends whose support makes the Deadpod possible.