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The Deadpod

Jul 23, 2021

I originally thought I would play Brent Mydland's last show with the band - 7/23/1990 - but at the last moment decided I would bring you something much happier - the famous soundcheck from the Watkins Glen festival that took place on July 27, 1973. 

Long a favorite among Deadheads, you've likely heard this before - but this is one of those performances that deserve to be listened to again from time to time - like using that good china that is collecting dust in the cabinet. This is a fine recording of the complete soundcheck - including Bill Graham's introduction - that captures what made this band so exciting during this peak period of their evolution. 

Only a few words are needed here as this will speak for itself.. listen to how animated Phil is right out of the gate - he drives that Promised Land and continues throughout! Bird Song has some wonderful moments where the band starts to take off into uncharted territory - a harbinger of things to come. 

Of course the 'star' here is the jam following Uncle.. this is paradigmatic Grateful Dead - unexpected, new, never to be repeated.

The 'Wharf Rat' that follows is just what is needed to bring things back to earth.. then !bang! 'Around and Around' to end things up...

 Grateful Dead
Grand Prix Racecourse
Watkins Glen, NY 7/27/73 - Friday


The Promised Land ;
Sugaree ;
Mexicali Blues ;
Bird Song ;
Big River ;
Tennessee Jed


Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ;
Me And My Uncle ;
Jam >
Wharf Rat ;
Around And Around  

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