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The Deadpod

Jul 17, 2020

Hello Friends! This week we begin listening to the last show of a famous 6 night run at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco CA, back on July 18, 1976. This was an exceptional run of shows, and this last night was perhaps the topper. It features an exceptional second set, which we'll have the pleasure of hearing next week, but this first set is quite well played as well. The show was originally broadcast on KSAN FM, but this tape's lineage is supposed to be from the soundboard, and I don't detect the usual FM flattening. Nicely stretched out versions of Mississippi Half-Step, Row Jimmy and Scarlet Begonias contain some excellent Garcia work. The set features the return of 'Loser' for the first time in almost 2 years, and closes with a wonderful 'Music Never Stopped'.. 



Grateful Dead
Orpheum Theatre
San Francisco, CA  7/18/76 - Sunday    


Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [9:49] %
Cassidy [4:16] %
Row Jimmy [9:42] %
Mama Tried [2:40] %
Scarlet Begonias [11:18] %
Looks Like Rain [7:09] %
Tennessee Jed [9:19] %
New Minglewood Blues [4:54] %
Loser [7:58] %
The Music Never Stopped [6:50]  


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"It was later than I thought when I first believed you
But now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools"