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The Deadpod

Jul 14, 2017

This week's Deadpod is a request from Steve, a great friend of the Deadpod's, who wanted to hear this phenomenal show from March 24th, 1973 at the Philadelphia Spectrum. The first set clocks in at over 90 minutes and is an excellent example of the early 1973 sound, where the band is moving from towards a more jazzy fluid style and its reflected even here int he first set numbers although perhaps more so in next week's set 2. Too many highlights to list here, but of course there is 'The Race Is On', always  a great fvoirte, a nice version of Cumberland Blues. They do the precurssor to 'U.S. Blues', the 'Wave That Flag' here, and a great version of 'Here Comes Sunshine'. Billy is prominent throughout this mix and really drives the band. The band is playing with swagger and I am sure you'll enjoy this classic show from 1973. 



 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA (3/24/73)  Bertha Beat it on Down the Line Don't Ease Me In The Race Is On Cumberland Blues Box of Rain Row Jimmy Jack Straw They Love Each Other Mexicali Blues Tennessee Jed Looks Like Rain Wave That Flag El Paso Here Comes Sunshine Me and Bobby McGee Loser Playing in the Band 
You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:
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Have a great week my friends, Happy (early) birthday Steve!