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The Deadpod

Jul 10, 2020

This week we get a second set that is almost as hot as the weather around here this week - it comes to us from July 1st 1980 in San Diego California. 

An excellent China>Rider opens the set and contains some of my favorite jamming of the evening.. the China cat jams from Garcia in particular are noteworthy, as is Brent's contributions. 

A rare 2nd set Peggy-O follows CC Rider, then we are treated to an early Brent contribution of 'Far From Me'. 

The boys take off from there with some great combos the rest of the way.. I love the Wharf Rat in particular but the playing throughout is full of energy and emotion.. I hope you enjoy it.. 

They return for a double encore .. featuring 'Alabama Getaway' and of course, 'Johnny B Goode'.. 





Grateful Dead
San Diego International Sports Arena
San Diego, CA 7/1/80 - Tuesday
China Cat Sunflower [8:09] >
I Know You Rider [6:25] >
C C Rider [6:57] ;
Peggy-O[7:27] ;
Far From Me [3:59] ;
Uncle John's Band [7:39] >
Playing In The Band [10:52] >
Drums [9:05] >
Space [7:28] >
Truckin' [7:53]> 

Wharf Rat [10:48] >
Around And Around [4:14] >
Good Lovin' [7:17]

Alabama Getaway [5:11] >
Johnny B. Goode [4:15] 


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