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The Deadpod

Jun 3, 2016

This week we are treated to the fine audience recording of the second set of the band's performance back on May 6, 1978 at Patrick Field House at the University of Vermont in Burlington VT. 

This is a continuation of the fine Garcia performance put on last week in Set 1. We are treated to some wonderful vocals and even better jamming in this second set. The Samson is a perfect start to get the ball rolling, then Donna delivers on a very pretty Sunrise. Terrapin follows and I'm sure those in attendance were digging the voyage. The band then turn in a 16 minute Playin' in the Band, highlighted by a delightful jam that for me is clearly the highlight of the set if not the show. Wharf Rat however, especially at the end, is tight as well. They close with a predictable if still rockin', Sugar Magnolia and One More Saturday Night encore.. 




 Patrick Field House (U of Vermont), Burlington, VT (5/6/78)  
set 2


Samson and Delilah

 Sunrise Terrapin Station Playin' in the Band drums Wharf Rat Sugar Magnolia  One More Saturday Night  
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