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The Deadpod

Jun 15, 2018

The band was on a roll not only during May of '77 but also during May of 1980 so I decided to bring you this smoker of a show from that month, 38 years ago. This one comes from Portland Maine on May 11th, 1980. This one gets up and roaring with a hot 'Alabama Getaway' into 'Promised Land'. Garcia's voice is great on 'They Love Each Other' which follows and throughout. The only flaw here for me is when Brent drops a verse on 'Easy To Love  You'. I'm always a fan of the 'Big Railroad blues' and the closing 'Don't Ease' into 'Music Never Stopped' is a fun way to close this first set..



Grateful Dead

Cumberland County Civic Center

Portland, ME 5/11/80 - Sunday


Alabama Getaway [4:33] >

The Promised Land [4:13] ;

They Love Each Other [6:57] ;

Cassidy [4:50] ;

Loser [7:22] ;

It's All Over Now [8:20] ;

Easy To Love You [3:30] ;

Big Railroad Blues [4:36] ;

Looks Like Rain [7:59] ;

Don't Ease Me In [3:09] >

The Music Never Stopped [7:26]


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Hope those of you lucky enough to be out on tour with Dead  & Co. are having a fabulous time! Hope to see you at Alpine!