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The Deadpod

May 29, 2015

This week the Deadpod takes you way back to the spring of 1970 when the Dead made their very first trip across the ocean to England.. this show took place on May 24th, 1970 I decided to publish the entire show as it was not broken into sets, and while the sound leaves alot to be desired it is quite listenable for the most part, and as a historical document of the day I am hoping that you'll get into it as I did. The band once described the crowd at this show as the coldest they ever encountered, and its clear that they work very hard at getting them juiced up as their energy in this set is pretty full tilt. The Casey Jones starts out with very degraded sound but it gets better as Bear dials it in.. the China->Rider is quite good and contains a unique transitional jam. Hard To Handle is classic Pigpen, and you'll hear that he is in fine form throughout this set. The Cryptical->Other One->Cryptical->Attics is a treat, as it is a very early version of Attics.. The Dark Star is excellent, and displays the qualities of the early primal Dark Stars. The Lovelight is over the top, and while sadly again suffering from some sonic degradation, it is still great to hear Pigpen in such fine form. 



Grateful Dead

Ted Askeys Lower Pig Farm, Leycett

Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England

Date5/24/70 - Sunday


One[2:14:44] ; 


Casey Jones [4:39] ; 

China Cat Sunflower [3:17] > 

Jam [2:05] > 

I Know You Rider [4:14] ;

Hard To Handle [7:52] ; 

Me And My Uncle [3:15] ;

Cryptical Envelopment [2:03] > 

Drums [2:48] > 

The Other One [8:39] > 

Cryptical Envelopment [7:24] > 

Attics Of My Life [5:36]

Drums [0:26] > 

Good Lovin' [1:57] > 

Drums [1:27] > 

Good Lovin' [6:17] ;

Cold Rain And Snow [5:55] ;

Dark Star [21:21] > 

Saint Stephen [6:06] > 

Not Fade Away [6:08] > 

Turn On Your Lovelight [12:40] > 

Darkness Jam [0:34] > 

Turn On Your Lovelight [20:00] ; [1:45]


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