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The Deadpod

May 25, 2018

What a great set to share with you on this holiday weekend! This week we get to hear the third set from the band's performance on May 20th, 1973 at Santa Barbara California.

The set starts out with a fine 'Truckin'.. but the magic starts right after that,  first in an exquisite jam out of Trucking, then, a 'Nobody's Fault' jam. I recommend letting the music take you where it will beyond this point.. if you've not heard this show before you've not been here yet. Words won't due justice to the paths traveled by the music, but the closest might come from the review of this show in the Grateful Dead Listening Guide here:


Clearly the musicians serve the music here...

slowly you realize 'The Other One' is making an appearance.. and we are transported, farther.. deeper.. This is the stuff.. then suddenly.. 'Eyes of the World' leads us on a smoother, silkier passage.. Garcia of course still takes us on a rolling path guaranteed to make you want to move.. while his voice might not be at its fullest here, it is nevertheless a fine listen, with the music flowing like a babbling brook at times... then.. it flows into 'Stella Blue'.

'Sugar Mag' gives the crowd an appropriate rocking send-off.. No surprise we get a 'Johnny B. Goode' encore. :)





Grateful Dead

Campus Stadium - University Of California

Santa Barbara, CA

5/20/73 - Sunday





Truckin' [8:51] >

Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam [1:28] >

Jam [8:23] >

The Other One [10:55] >

Eyes Of The World [14:10] >

Stella Blue [7:51] ;

Sugar Magnolia [10:04]


Johnny B. Goode [3:54]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.


Give a thought to all those who have lost their lives in armed conflict.






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