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The Deadpod

Apr 30, 2021

This week on the Deadpod we feature a Kentucky Derby Day performance by the band back in 1991. This was at Cal Expo, in Sacramento California on May 4, 1991. 

The band starts out hard and tight with a roaring 'Hell In a Bucket'. They are without Hornsby here, and in some ways sound tighter and more together (although I'm well aware that opinions differ on how Vince sounds here). The 'Sugaree' that follows is very good, with Garcia really ramping it up in the solo. 

I think that the version of 'The Race Is On' here is a real winner. 'Row Jimmy' is always fun to hear and they also feature 'New Speedway Boogie' which they broke out during the Spring tour that year.


Grateful Dead
Cal Expo Amphitheater
Sacramento, CA  5/4/91 - Saturday

Hell In A Bucket ;
Sugaree ;
New Minglewood Blues ;
Loser ;
The Race Is On ;
Row Jimmy ;
When I Paint My Masterpiece ;
New Speedway Boogie ;
The Music Never Stopped 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: 

Hoping you have a fine Derby weekend, and a fine May to follow! 

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