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The Deadpod

Apr 20, 2018

Happy 4/20! 


This week's Deadpod features the 2nd set from the band's performance on April 15th at the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. I think you'll enjoy this one, as it continues the fine recording of set 1, with some strong playing as well. I'm especially enamored of the 'Playin' in the Band' and an unusually long and jamming 'Not Fade Away'. 'Morning Dew' follows, a song that is always poignant but seems especially so in this world. 




Grateful Dead

William And Mary Hall - College Of William And Mary

Williamsburg, VA 4/15/78 - Saturday


Bertha [5:43] >

Good Lovin' [6:18] ;

Candyman [7:15] ;

Sunrise [3:48] >

Playing In The Band [14:16] >

Drums [11:#41] >

Not Fade Away [13:57] >

Morning Dew [10:29] ;

Around And Around [7:53]


One More Saturday Night [4:33]


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:


I wanted to send this one out to the memory of Chris Charucki, long time production manager both for the Dead, and in particular for Bob Weir, who passed away on April 6th. Beams to his family and friends, sleep in the stars Chris..