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The Deadpod

Apr 14, 2017

This week I decided to perk up your spring with a high energy first set from a year I don't often feature (for good reason) 1985.. This one is from April 8th, 1985 from the Spectrum in Philadelphia PA. The boys are clearly playing with their setlists this year, and this is one of the most innovative first sets of the period. They start off with 'In the Midnight Hour' and between Weir's vocals and Healy's effects we know we're in for something different.. then Jerry goes into 'Walkin' the Dog'.. Garcia's voice is a bit rough throughout but not as bad as on some days this year and he delivers with gusto throughout. The 'Big Boss Man' which ends this trifecta features a nice little jam. The 'Me & My Uncle-> Cumberland Blues' is also quite well played and features some nice jamming. 

The rare 'Down In The Bottom->Ain't Superstituous' is not really as interesting as one would hope, but 'Althea' is nicely done especially given Garcia's vocal state. 'Tons of Steel' is quite excellent I think, as is a great Supplication jam. They end with a disappointing 'Might As Well' Still a quite good first set.. 



Grateful Dead

The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA

4/8/85 - Monday



In The Midnight Hour >

Walking The Dog >

Big Boss Man ;

Me And My Uncle >

Cumberland Blues ;

Down In The Bottom >

I Ain't Superstitious ;

Althea ;

Tons Of Steel >

Supplication >

Might As Well


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