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The Deadpod

Apr 11, 2014

I think you'll really enjoy this second set from 1982... I don't know exactly what the boys were into (judging from the Raven space there must've been some tanks backstage :) but I find the entire set to be very up tempo and well played. Garcia is in fine form throughout and particularly enjoy the stand alone, bluegrass tinged Franklin's Tower. Estimated is arranged quite uniquely as well, and a strong Terrapin leads into Phil's famous Raven Space.. Post-drums doesn't disappoint either, as a fine Wheel and Truckin' lead into a very soulful Stella Blue - I can never hear that one enough and this is a real tear jerker.. They close with two strong Weir rocker's and come back to cap off the night with a Brokedown encore.. 

Ah.. to be on tour again in the Spring... at least we can in our minds as we listen to this week's Deadpod.. 

Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD (4/19/82)
set 2
Feel Like a Stranger
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
Stella Blue
Around and Around
Good Lovin' Brokedown Palace


You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:
thank you to the kind brothers and sisters who are able to support the Deadpod.. I couldn't bring the music to you without their generous partnership..
Enjoy Spring !