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The Deadpod

Mar 25, 2022

For several years, one of my favorite trips when Spring rolled around was to go down to Atlanta when the magnolias were bloomin' to see the boys during Spring tour. While the Omni might not have been the greatest venue, I always had a wonderful time. This week I decided to bring you a show from there that took place back on March 28, 1989. 

This was has a great trifecta to start, with a wonderful 'Let the Good Times Roll' to open things going into a sparkling 'Franklin's Tower'. Bobby works up a sweat on a hot 'Feel Like a Stranger' before things slow a bit with Jerry's 'Stagger Lee' - a song I don't usually love - but I rather like this version. Bob brings out the Dylan with 'Stuck Inside of Mobile'. 'Ramble on Rose' has that southern ragtime feel to it to fit right in. They close the first set with a fine 'Let It Grow' into a rockin' 'Don't Ease Me In'. 

This is a very nice recording and I hope you find it enjoyable too.. 



Grateful Dead
The Omni
Atlanta, GA 3/28/89 - Tuesday

Good Times >
Franklin's Tower >
Feel Like A Stranger  
Stagger Lee  
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again  
Ramble On Rose  
Let It Grow >
Don't Ease Me In  

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