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The Deadpod

Mar 2, 2018

March will come in like a lion for us with the second set from the band's performance at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles CA from February 11th, 1989. We are treated right off to a superb China>Rider, with a very nice jam into Rider. I love hearing Brett here.. what better song to bring in March than 'I Know You Rider'? and Jerry sells that 'northbound train' line :) . 'Man Smart, Woman Smarter' follows - that bouncy tune always got everyone dancing!

'Standing on the Moon' follows, certainly not in the slot we might expect it, but this is only its 3rd performance, but one of the best.. also probably the main reason I wanted to play this set.. a nice, stretched out 'Estimated Prophet' follows.. they then travel to Space, but  Brent brings out 'I Will Take You Home' first, which always pulls at my heartstrings.. a very interesting drums follows, with Bill and Mickey being joined by Airto Moreira, Diana Moreira, and Flora Purim for some very spacey African sounding vocal stylings. The guests leave for Space, but Airto returns for 'Eyes of the World'. The post-drums is quite long by later-day standards, as Eyes finds a unique closing jam to lead into 'I Need A Miracle' then a soulful 'Black Peter' goes into a rousing 'Lovelight' to end the set.

The crowd is treated to Phil bringing out the 'Box of Rain' for the encore to end a truly classic set.


Grateful Dead

Great Western Forum

Inglewood, CA 2/11/89 - Saturday


China Cat Sunflower >

I Know You Rider>;

Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ;

Standing On The Moon ;

Estimated Prophet >;

I Will Take You Home>;

Drums* >;

Space >;

Eyes Of The World** >;

I Need A Miracle >;

Black Peter >;

Turn On Your Love Light


Box Of Rain

Comments * with Airto and Diana Moreira, Flora Purim; ** with Airto Moreira


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'thoughts and prayers are not enough'


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