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The Deadpod

Feb 3, 2023

Well, I think that groundhog saw his shadow, but I've got a show for you this week that is sure to warm you up.. this one comes from way back in 1970 - from February 28, 1970 in San Francisco. While this was probably one long set, I'm going to play part 1 this week and part 2 next week. 

The show starts with an unusual 'Lovelight' to open, and it has a different sound to it in this spot, a bit more uptempo from the start, but quite fun to hear. After going into a 'Me & My Uncle' and 'Cumberland Blues' Jerry announces that they want to bring things 'down' a bit with some acoustic numbers. The next three tunes are just lovely renditions of 'Monkey & The Engineer', 'Little Sadie' and 'Black Peter'. The rest of the set is electric, starting with a smoking 'China>Rider'. Jerry slows it down a bit again with 'High Time' but we'll end this week's Deadpod with the always delightful 'Dire Wolf'. 

Grateful Dead
Family Dog at the Great Highway
San Francisco, CA 2/28/1970 - Saturday

Turn On Your Love Light [#12:47] >
Me And My Uncle [3:02][0:11]
Cumberland Blues [4:53][2:06]
Monkey And The Engineer [1:40][0:27]
Little Sadie [2:47] >
Black Peter [8:35]
Tuning [0:43]
China Cat Sunflower [3:13] >
Jam [3:09] >
I Know You Rider [4:20] >
High Time [6:35] >
Dire Wolf [4:35][0:10] 

You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:

Thanks for listening!